True Default Judgment

Take your FL-180 and then assemble your judgment with the Judicial Council forms attached which set forth the orders you want regarding the division of assets and debts, child custody, child support, spousal support, and attorney fees.  It really does not matter the order you assemble these forms so long as you start with the FL-180.  Most people put their forms in the following order:  FL-180, FL-192 (if you have minor children), and then your child custody related Judicial Council forms; child support related forms; spousal support forms, property division form, and any attorney fee forms.  Your divorce judgment is now assembled.

You will also need the Notice of Entry of Judgment (FL-190), which can be found in our Court Forms Database.

If you have minor children, you will also need the Income Withholding for Support (FL-195), which can be found in our Court Forms Database.

Again, all of these forms are discussed in the “Judgment” section of our website.

After you have your divorce judgment assembled and the rest of the above-described court forms completed, read the following sub-sections that are located in the “Judgment” section of our website:

  1. Taking your forms to court for filing;
  2. After you receive your judgment of dissolution back from the court; and
  3. Child Support Case Registry.
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