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Support our mission: The explanations on this website are clear to us because we are lawyers with years of experience. The explanations may not be so clear to non-lawyers. Also, there is so much we did not explain because we would have created a website that contained so much information that it would have been overwhelming.

If you did not understand something, let us know. If a lot of people are having trouble with a particular concept or issue, we can edit our site so the next person won’t be confused. We want the community’s input so we can improve this site. If you think we should add certain information to our site, let us know. If you have an idea for improving our site, we welcome your suggestions.

Since the 58 counties in California have different local rules and procedures, we would like to hear from you about the local rules or procedures you encountered for your particular county that were a problem. We are considering adding to this website a link with information about each county so people can look up their individual county and see posts with information about the local rules, forms, and procedures that are unique to that county.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any feedback regarding improving site, technical problems with any of our videos or documents downloads. Please be aware that except in the case of duplicate purchases, we have a strict no refunds policy on purchased content.

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