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What is a “Famiy Law Facilitator”?

Most counties have a “Family Law Facilitator” available to the public. A Family Law Facilitator is an employee of the court, typically an attorney, who can assist you with completing court forms and can provide you with guidance in regards to court procedures. The Family Law Facilitator is free. Check with your local court for the drop-in hours and locations when the facilitator will be available.

How does a law library differ from a regular library?

A law library is devoted to law books. It will have books with all of the laws or “statutes” for the State of California, and oftentimes copies of statutes for other states. The law library will also have books with federal laws, codes, and regulations. The law library will have copies of cases from the Court of Appeals and California Supreme Court, as well as copies of federal court cases. A law library will have copies of the California Rules of Court and your county’s local rules of court. The law library will have many books on legal procedures as well as form books with sample legal documents that you can copy.

What are employer sponsored legal referral programs?

Check with your employer to see if your employer participates in a legal referral program. Many large employers have joined legal referral plans. Under most of these plans, employees are eligible for a free initial consultation with a local lawyer as well as a substantial discount on the lawyer’s normal hourly rate.

Who created the website?

The website was created by Edward Sullivan and Christina Van Ness, two California divorce attorneys with over 50 years of combined experience handling complex litigation and mediation.

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