Schedule of Assets & Debts

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The next form that is part of your “Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure” is the Schedule of Assets & Debts (FL-142).  Select the Blank FL-142 icon below.  Fill out the FL-142, print it, date it, and sign it.  Set it aside for now.  Your FL-142 is not filed with the court.  You keep the original.  You will give your spouse a copy after you have completed the rest of your “Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure” forms.

If you purchased the “Declaration of Disclosure” video guides, use the video player above to view the voice-over video that will walk you through how to fill out the FL-142, provide you with useful information about the FL-142, show you an example of the completed form, and provide you with a blank fillable form you save and print.

Click the following link to see an example of a completed FL-142.  We suggest you print the example before watching the video guide.  Then, click the second link to watch the instructional video on how to complete the FL-142.  After you have watched the video guide, click the icon below to open a blank FL-142 that you can fill out and print.

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