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Video Transcript

Ed:  Welcome to

Christina: This is Christina.

Ed:  This is Ed.  If you’re trying to get divorced without using a lawyer and you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged, then this website is for you.  The purpose of our website is to show people how to do their own divorce, from start to finish, for free. If you’re already divorced, but need to change your existing court orders, this website describes how to modify those orders. We also explain how you can obtain a domestic violence restraining orders to protect you and your children. The information on this website applies to legal proceedings in California.

Christina:  Things get done in the court system by filling out forms and then filing those forms with the court. On our website, we explain which forms you need to fill out. features a Court Forms Database that contains over 100 Judicial Council forms that are all free. Fill out each court form right on our website, save it, print it, and then file it with the court.

Ed:  In addition to court forms, you need to understand legal procedures. features a Video Guides Database that contains over 70 free videos that will teach you the procedural information you need to know. The videos provide clear, step-by-step instructions and explain:

  1. Which forms you need to fill out to start your divorce,
  2. How to file your paperwork with the court clerk,
  3. How to serve your paperwork on the other party,
  4. How to negotiate a settlement with your spouse,
  5. How to prepare for a settlement conference, trial, or other court hearings, and
  6. How to draft a divorce judgment as well as all of the rest of the paperwork you will need to complete your divorce.

We explain the differences between a divorce, a legal separation, and an annulment.  We also explain how to process different types of divorces, including uncontested divorce, a default divorce, and a contested divorce.

Our video guides are short, packed with valuable information and suggestions on how to handle your case.  You can watch and re-watch them in the privacy of your own home from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Christina:  In addition to court forms and procedural information, you also need to know the law. features video guides that explain the law in plain language that can be easily understood. Our “Getting Educated” free video guides will teach you the differences between community property and separate property, the various types of child custody orders, how to deal with the division of the family home, retirement assets, life insurance policies, credit card debts, and student loans.  We explain all about child support, including how courts calculate the amount of child support and how you can do your own child support calculation for free. We also address spousal support.

Our video guides contain a wealth of information explaining all about divorce for free.

Ed: also features a Templates Database that contains a collection of Word document templates that you can use to draft your own Marital Settlement Agreement, Settlement Conference Statement, formal discovery documents, Stipulation and Order, and other custom court documents you may need to file in your case.

Christina: is structured so you can do your entire divorce, modify court orders, and obtain a domestic violence restraining orders without spending a dime on attorney fees. You may have to pay the court filing fees, but our website features a free instructional video you should watch to find out if you qualify for a fee waiver.

Ed:  For your convenience, also offers a handful of instructional video packages for a nominal price that helps us maintain and improve our website as well as add more new content.  For example, we offer an “Initial Filings” video package that will walk you through how to fill out the initial divorce filing paperwork including the divorce petition, summons, and UCCJEA declaration.  You get all three videos, one for each court form, for one $20 charge.

Christina:  Please note, you don’t have to purchase anything from because we give you all the court forms, all the information about court procedures, and the law for free. The optional instructional video packages that are available at a nominal charge are for people who want to make the process of filling out certain key court forms quicker and easier.

EdFree was created by Christina and myself. We are California divorce lawyers. Between us, we have over 50 years of experience in family law. This website features the same advice we give our own paying clients and is based on decades of court appearances, mediations, and trial experiences.

Christina:  Doing your own divorce is going to take some time and effort on your part.  The process can feel overwhelming, but with our step-by-step instructions, you can get a divorce judgment, domestic violence restraining orders, as well as other court orders you need, without hiring a lawyer. It’s easy to get started, just click on the Video Guides Database below and watch the next free video.


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