Should I hire a lawyer?

If you have a short marriage, no children, and little property, you probably do not need a lawyer. If you own substantial property, if you have minor children, or if your marriage lasted more than a few years so a significant spousal support right may be part of the mix, then you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer. You are not saving money if you skip the lawyer, but end up not getting spousal support that you were entitled to, neglected to include in the property settlement your one half interest in your spouse’s retirement assets, or worse, lose custody of your children. Unfortunately, the reality is that many (most) people just don’t have the money to pay a lawyer. Finding the money to pay a lawyer a large retainer is simply not an option. We have created this website to help these people. If you are thinking of doing your own divorce, you must weigh the risks you run by getting divorced without legal representation.

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