Fee Waiver

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If you can’t afford the $435 filing fee, you can apply for a fee waiver. A lot of people apply for and are granted fee waivers. To make a request to waive your filing fee, fill out the “Request to Waive Court Fees” (FW-001). You should also fill out sections #1 and #2 on “Order on Fee Waiver” (FW-003) form. All of the fee waiver forms you will need are contained in our Court Forms Database below so you can fill out the forms and print them for free. Our Court Forms Database includes both a blank version of the FW-001 and a completed example of the FW-001. Click the”Court Forms” buttons below to access the fee waiver forms. We also have a free video guide above that shows you how to fill out the FW-001 fee waiver form. Click the video above to watch our free fee waiver video guide.


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