Stipulation And Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure

Whether you are processing your judgment as a “non-default with agreement” or a “default with agreement”, you will need to fill out the FL-144.   As previously discussed, both parties are required by the court to complete their Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure documents consisting of the following four forms: Declaration of Disclosure (FL-140); Schedule of Assets & Debts (FL-142); Income & Expense Declaration (FL-150); and Declaration Regarding Service Of Declaration Of Disclosure And Income And Expense Declaration (FL-141).  The Preliminary Declaration of Disclosures are completed and exchanged at the beginning of the divorce process.  The Final Declaration of Disclosure consists of the exact same four forms that make up the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.  Since many contested divorce cases take over a year to complete, the idea is that the information set forth in your Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure may have become out-dated, so the court wants you and your spouse to fill out a Final Declaration of Disclosure before you finalize a settlement.  You cannot waive exchanging your Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure, but you can waive exchanging your Final Declarations of Disclosure.

If you are processing an uncontested divorce where you and your spouse were able to reach a settlement agreement, typically, all of the divorce paperwork is going to be completed quickly, in a matter of a few weeks or months.  The information in the Final Declaration of Disclosure would likely be the same as the information in the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.  If the information in the Final Declaration will be the same as in the Preliminary Declaration, why bother with a Final Declaration of Disclosure?  You can waive the exchange of Final Declarations of Disclosure by filling out the FL-144 form. Below you will find both an example of a blank FL-144 that you can fill out and print, and a blank FL- 144 form if you purchased the Judgment Paid Instructional Package.   After you have filled out the FL-144, set it aside for now. You will file this form with the court when you submit your judgment.


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